The Best Serious Dating Apps to Find Love

The internet and our smartphones have changed the way we interact and of course, the meetings have also gone through transformation. Let’s be honest, although this may be uncomfortable because it virtualizes what “should” be natural and real, it has revolutionized the lives of men (yes with a small h), for whom the cowardice of l approach was no longer a problem.

Moreover, the web had consequences on the subject by its very nature and by its tools. Indeed, the potential of encounter has become delusional, with millions of people connected and a whole lot of parameters more or less serious, supposed, and useful, using the power of programming or a simple GPS.

The subject of meetings being so fundamental in our lives, a thousand companies have rushed into the breach, so much so that it is not easy to navigate. Here is our selection of the best apps of its kind.



Tinder is probably the most resembling descendant to adopt a guy. Here too, what the application has done is to unpack the fleeting and even superficial reality of certain encounters on the web. Thus, based on geolocation, the application offers a series of endless pictures, for which your choice is very simple. You like or you go. It’s so simple and fast that Tinder is available on Android Wear, to make its terrible sort at any time.

If two people have appreciated each other, they will both receive the famous “it’s a match! And can get in touch and see their profile in more detail. As Adopt A Dude, Tinder has been able to reduce encounters to something basic for people not seeking great love.

By offering only photos in the first place, the application offered the double advantage of not giving all personal information before there was reciprocal attraction, and that of assuming frontally the highlighting of ‘a purely physical criterion. We like or we do not like, but in any case Tinder has placed himself very clearly on his niche.


Should we present Meetic? The application is for people a little more serious than on Tinder  and on a slightly higher age group, the two others being addressed to less than thirty years, although there is everything.

Meetic puts forward the idea of ​​”making beautiful meeting”. The application, moreover, offers very classical services; messaging, advanced search and live chat. The small distinction lies in the Shuffle function, which is a system quite similar to how Tinder works to get in touch with people.


In just a few months, Happn has become an essential meeting application. Cocorico, it is made in France. The principle of Happn is based on geolocation to propose to meet strangers nearby. To put it simply, you will have a drink with friends and the application suggests profiles that are nearby.

If a profile attracts you can put a “Like” and if the person in question “Like” also your profile when it is suggested to you then with a “crush”. You can then start chatting. Here again, there are other subtleties and some in-app purchases to speed up the dating process.


Lovoo is a German application that is also based on geolocation. But on Lovoo, there is a radar, a map, which shows real-time users nearby. As a bonus, hashtags come to spice up the experience.

For example, you can post photos of what interests you, passionate you, have fun, and post them with hashtags. Those who share the same commonalities will fall on your photos and you increase your chances of meetings.

At the time of writing, the application has already attracted more than 10 million users. In-app purchases can also go further in the experience.

Attractive World:

Attractive World is the application of the site defining itself for “demanding singles”. To be able to register, the votes of singles already present must be in your favor. It has been criticized for its elitism at Attractive World, and for good reason: in view of the criteria appearing on the cards, it could seem that the site aimed not only to make a pure selection of people attractive, but also well placed socio-professionally .

One could argue that this is what people do in reality, to select each other through an attempt to maintain classes. Except that there is a positioning almost announced, and that is squeaky. Be that as it may, Attractive World is one of the must-haves and should be included in this list.

Once App:

Once is an application made in France really very original. It goes against what can be found today with solutions like Tinder, Adopteunmec or Happn. The idea here is to do slow dating, meetings where you take your time.

Thus, the user will communicate his tastes, what he seeks, what he likes, and according to his criteria a team of about fifty people will look for all profiles that meet his expectations. But not all will be communicated at once.

Once will offer a profile per day. And the user will have 24 hours to get to know each other. Over time, the application will ask you to expand your tastes to provide profiles always closer to what you are looking for.

In itself the concept is excellent for those who are tired of having the impression of shopping on other applications. Here the approach is softer, more humane. But the problem is that too many features are paying off. For example, to be able to chat with a profile that interests us you have to pay, but you do not see the picture of the person in question before paying. Pity. But Once is really worth trying.

So, tell us everything. What dating apps do you use? Which ones do you prefer?

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