How to Create an Android App

The Google Play store leads the dance with regard to the number of downloads. It is also very common for developers to create an Android application first. However before developing an application there are a number of things to know. Do you already have a great app idea? Great, but how are you going to create it? What are the different factors to consider? For this we have prepared a list of important things to study and to keep in mind when creating your Android application.

1. Market research

Before you embark on making your app, it will be very important to study your market thoroughly. The objective is to validate the choice of platform and business model. Although Android is the platform that has the most downloads, iOS is better known for generating better profits for its developers. Depending on your business model, this can be seen as both an advantage or a disadvantage. Indeed, iOS users are more apt to spend money within the app. If you want to create an Android application, it will be important to adapt your revenue system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and does not target the same markets.

However, the fact that Android is affecting more than 80% of the smartphone market will allow you to reach a larger community of users. This dominance of Android in the smartphone market is not negligible and can be clearly seen as a size advantage.

2. Choosing a Screen Size for your app

Unlike iOS, Android does not have standardized devices like iPhone or iPad. There is a huge variety of screen and device sizes on Android. This involves making sure that the application can adapt to every screen size. If you do not want to have a negative feedback on this, it will be necessary to guarantee a uniform experience on each type of device according to the different screen sizes.

3. Translating your mobile application

As we mentioned earlier, Android has a larger community of users. If you want to make full use of this community, you will need to translate your application into several languages. This will allow you to have a better impact on the markets on which you want to locate. The language barrier can be a real problem for your users. It will be up to you to adapt to the different markets and not the opposite.

4. Android is not iOS

One of the mistakes that developers often make and keep the same design on iOS and on Android. This is not just about design. Indeed this also concerns the standards of use of the application. iOS and Android have different standards, be it design, or even user experience. As a result, the same application will not look exactly the same on different platforms. Although the functionality remains the same, users do not have the same habits regarding UX and navigation within the application. This is why it will be very important to adapt your application to Android standards.

5. Online / Offline

Even though we are now in 2017, Internet coverage is not always optimal. This is why it is important to make your application available both Online and Offline. However, this is not always possible due to the different functionalities required. Even if you can not make 100% of the available Offline features, the user still needs to be able to access certain parts of the app. In such cases, promote the key features so you do not lose the core of your application. The important thing in this kind of situation is not to frustrate the user if his connection is bad.

Having an application available both Online and Offline would greatly increase its accessibility.

6. Choose a feature and optimize it

One of the mistakes that many developers make is to insert too many features within the application. Your app should have ONE main purpose, ONE main feature. This should be clear in your mind, and will be very important in promoting your app. Do not submerge your user with a ton of main features to let him guess which is the most important. Instead, you should guide it to this main functionality you have chosen beforehand. It’s up to you to choose what type of experience you want to offer your users.

7. Marketing strategy

If you have the best idea of ​​the world, the best app in the world, but you do not do any marketing action, all your efforts will be in vain. That’s why it’s important to create this little buzz before the application exits. However, you must ensure that you launch your marketing strategy at the right time. Setting it up too soon or too late would hinder the success of the application. Many developers or companies miss their strategy because of this. Too soon, and users will forget the application. Too late and appreciation will not have time to ripen in their minds. Logically, the marketing strategy of the application should start about 3 weeks before its release.

8. Testing your application

It will never be repeated enough, but the test phase of your application is paramount. It is very important to test your app thoroughly before launching it on the market. You must know the experience your user will have. Testing your application before launch will allow you to discover unresolved bugs, and also to highlight improvement points.

After a first test phase, you can also start a Beta Testing phase by hiring beta testers. This will allow you to have your application tested at a small user base in order to get more qualitative feedback. This phase is not mandatory but can bring a real plus to your application. This phase is mostly recommended for game applications. Unlike the App Store, Google Play allows you to post your Beta applications so that they can be tested before they are finally published on the store.

Creating an app is not something to take lightly. Like any project it is important to think about all its different aspects. Of course this article does not include all the important points of the creation of application but only a few important tips. If you want to create an Android application, but you are not sufficiently reassured to work with developers, do not hesitate to propose us your project and we will help you to realize it in optimal conditions.

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