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How to Create an Android App

The Google Play store leads the dance with regard to the number of downloads. It is also very common for developers to create an Android application first. However before developing an application there are a number of things to know. Do you already have a great app idea? Great, but how are you going to […]

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Developing for Android vs developing for iOS : Which platform to build for first?

When you want to create an application, you often tend to want to develop it for at least the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android. However this is not always the best solution. The costs of developing a mobile application can be high, and choosing its first platform wisely is very important. A very […]

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Easily Build Your Online Store, the complete guide to make a great eCommerce site

Your company may not need a mobile app, but creating a website is no longer a matter of choice. It is a necessity these days. This week we have already explained how to create a quality web site, but we will want to look more at website design for e-commerce. Let’s look at good practices […]

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