Hier is je gids voor de beste hookup-sites voor sekschat in Nederland

De vraag welke chatsite het beste bij u past, hangt af van verschillende factoren. Allereerst moet je voor jezelf duidelijk maken welke functies van een chatsite je wilt .. Sta je met beide benen op de grond op zoek naar een kans om nieuwe vrienden te maken, te kletsen met aardige mensen en je los te maken van het stressvolle dagelijkse leven? Mensen die chatportals willen gebruiken voor online dating gebruiken andere sites dan leden die alleen willen chatten en online willen houden. Er zijn ook veel chatsites die geen reputatie hebben en je zult daar veel nepprofielen vinden.

Er zijn grotere chatsites, kleinere platforms en natuurlijk zijn er verschillen tussen deze. Sommige sites hebben niet alleen chatrooms, maar ook een community-sectie waar leden profielen hebben en u kunt er verbinding mee maken via berichten, gueatbook-berichten enzovoort. Die communities bieden vaak uitgebreide functionaliteiten zoals games, boards of andere leuke digitale gimicks. Om erachter te komen welke chatsite voor u geschikt is, raden we u aan de testwinnaars van onze chatsites te bekijken. Daar vindt u geschikte chatsites voor uw behoeften, afhankelijk van wat u zoekt. Daarnaast hebben we hier de belangrijkste typen chatportals voor u samengesteld: Read More »

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The Best Serious Dating Apps for 2018

A few months ago, weroamed the Internet in search of the strangest and / or specialized dating sites while 13 of them had just been pinned by the National Commission for Informatics and Liberties (CNIL) for their (bad) management of information collected from their customers. This time, place to the most serious dating applications. Best of.


“It’s like real life, but better.” No need to (re) present the application sometimes equated to a very sex-oriented dating site. Today, it continues its global development despite criticism and stands out as one of the best known and most used. We swipe to the right (to say yes) and we say thank you Whitney Wolfe (the one who had the idea).

Available on iOS and Android link: tinderapp.eu

Feeld (3nder)

Feeld.org dating app was created for couples looking for threesomes, it is the “first meeting application 100% mobile, geolocated and in real time”. And especially a great way to find people you have crossed the street a little earlier in the day (on each profile is indicated the number of times you have seen). A 2.0 version of the classifieds “crossed in the subway”. Read More »

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The Best Serious Dating Apps to Find Love

The internet and our smartphones have changed the way we interact and of course, the meetings have also gone through transformation. Let’s be honest, although this may be uncomfortable because it virtualizes what “should” be natural and real, it has revolutionized the lives of men (yes with a small h), for whom the cowardice of l approach was no longer a problem.

Moreover, the web had consequences on the subject by its very nature and by its tools. Indeed, the potential of encounter has become delusional, with millions of people connected and a whole lot of parameters more or less serious, supposed, and useful, using the power of programming or a simple GPS.

The subject of meetings being so fundamental in our lives, a thousand companies have rushed into the breach, so much so that it is not easy to navigate. Here is our selection of the best apps of its kind.



Tinder is probably the most resembling descendant to adopt a guy. Here too, what the application has done is to unpack the fleeting and even superficial reality of certain encounters on the web. Thus, based on geolocation, the application offers a series of endless pictures, for which your choice is very simple. You like or you go. It’s so simple and fast that Tinder is available on Android Wear, to make its terrible sort at any time. Read More »

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How to Create an Android App

The Google Play store leads the dance with regard to the number of downloads. It is also very common for developers to create an Android application first. However before developing an application there are a number of things to know. Do you already have a great app idea? Great, but how are you going to create it? What are the different factors to consider? For this we have prepared a list of important things to study and to keep in mind when creating your Android application.

1. Market research

Before you embark on making your app, it will be very important to study your market thoroughly. The objective is to validate the choice of platform and business model. Although Android is the platform that has the most downloads, iOS is better known for generating better profits for its developers. Depending on your business model, this can be seen as both an advantage or a disadvantage. Indeed, iOS users are more apt to spend money within the app. If you want to create an Android application, it will be important to adapt your revenue system. Each has its advantages and disadvantages and does not target the same markets.

However, the fact that Android is affecting more than 80% of the smartphone market will allow you to reach a larger community of users. This dominance of Android in the smartphone market is not negligible and can be clearly seen as a size advantage.
Read More »

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Developing for Android vs developing for iOS : Which platform to build for first?

When you want to create an application, you often tend to want to develop it for at least the two most popular platforms: iOS and Android. However this is not always the best solution. The costs of developing a mobile application can be high, and choosing its first platform wisely is very important.

make the choice between Android and iOS, here's a few of the main factors to consider:

A very good example is Instagram. You might not know, but the very famous Instagram application was not available at the same time on iOS and Android. In fact, it even took 2 years before Instagram was available on Android.
Creating an iOS app seemed more relevant to developers. They preferred to develop and optimize their application on iOS and then carry it on Android. When we know that Instagram now has about 600 million users, we understand why it is important to know on which platform to focus or not. Read More »

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Easily Build Your Online Store, the complete guide to make a great eCommerce site

Your company may not need a mobile app, but creating a website is no longer a matter of choice. It is a necessity these days. This week we have already explained how to create a quality web site, but we will want to look more at website design for e-commerce. Let’s look at good practices together.

A few years ago, few people were shopping online. Do you recall that? We were afraid to get scammed, we had to wait for weeks to deliver, shipping was too high … But things have changed. E-commerce is experiencing growth that exceeds the expectations of the sector.

So why go into e-commerce? Creating and maintaining a merchant site is cheaper than having a physical store and makes it possible to expect customers from all over the world. But that does not mean that selling on the internet is easier! On the contrary, Online Stores deprives marketing of a very important aspect: that of direct contact with the customer. As time passes, society becomes accustomed to these new paradigms of marketing. More and more people are buying online, but to convince them, you need to have a quality website. Follow these tips to get there: Read More »

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